The Intero Difference

Who Are We?

We are are a Life/Business Developmental Company that focuses on helping our clients and agents live abundant lives in these five areas.
  • Family
  • Mind/Body
  • Spiritual
  • Contribution
  • Financial Freedom

Increase Your Production

The nations Top Sales Training Platform. DAILY Skills Mastery, Weekly Mindset training and access to our Online Education platform . Our training beats the training of Coaching Companies you currently pay for and we can prove it

Keep Your commissions

Sell more homes due to our training and KEEP all your commissions once you cap. Our Compensation program is built to encourage you to grow and scale your business and KEEP the money you work so hard to generate. We offer a TRUE 100% Cap program... no hidden fees

Build a RESIDUAL Business

Our Proprietary technology automates all Da tabase marketing. As a business tool it allows you to report track and monitor your production numbers AND Takes care of all social media Posts for you!

Our History

We’ve come a long way.

Our Story began with one mission : To Inspire teach and empower Real Estate Professionals to produce more with us, than they could on their own. Here is a timeline of some of our most important milestones thus far
Intero Socal is Born
Our Founder and CEO, Danny Morel, has a dream to start a real estate brokerage that provides the life and business training realtors need to earn more in less time using the exact principles that helped him get 1.5 million annually in 4.5 days a week work. Intero Real Estate Services - Socal is born.

First Intero Mid Year Review

Daily Skills Classes are Launched

Our First Business Planning Retreat : A Business owner needs a Business Plan.  We immediately launched this now yearly event to help ensure our agents are prepared with a business plan, strategy and numbers needed to win in the upcoming year
First Intero Mid Year Review
Intero's first Mid Year Review is Launched in an Effort to ensure our agents check their business numbers Mid year, and have the awareness needed to keep them on track to hit their goals, or course correct to get back on track
Daily Skills Classes are Launched
Intero Launches its daily skills class to help ensure agents convert their leads at a higher rate til this date our Daily skills and Role-play classes are the perfect way to start your day.  Our agents get their mindset right for the day while learning important conversion techniques needed to increase overall business efficiency. This is the only program of its kind available in Real Estate today.

Intero launches its Hall OF Fame Year after Year Intero Agents Grow their production 20/ 30/100/ 1000 even 4000 %.  Those that breakthrough in their life and Business are proudly featured and Honored both at their home office.. and our corporate office as well
Hit Half A Billion In Sales Volume
Intero hits half a billion in sales volume!
700 Million in Sales Volume
Inc. 500 | America's Fastest Growing Businesses

Intero hits 700 million in sales volume!
880 Million in Sales Volume
Intero does 880 million in Sales Volume!
1.1 Billion in Annual Sales Volume
Inc. 5000 Award!

Intero hits 1.1 billion in sales volume!
First 1 Million Dollar Annual Earner
Inc. 5000 Award!

Intero Creates its first a million annual earner, Omar Alfaro.
Our New Commission Structure is Launched
Inc. 5000 Award!

Intero launches its Cap System to help agents keep more of their commissions
Continuing to Grow
COVID-19 Intero Leads the way through constant Legal Updates, Mindset, Emotion and Skill Set training, as well as an Unprecedented DAILY unity through Online Training platforms keeping their agents updated, inspired and producing in the midst of one of histories largest Quarantine Periods ever
Growing your business starts with the ability to continuously generate new leads.Stop waiting for business to come to you, and be EMPOWERED to Generate buyer or listing leads through our online and offline generation methods
The fear of what to say or how to handle tough objections is the number one thing that keeps realtors away from explosive growth... you'll transform into a confident master of communication and leadership at Intero in no time
Who wants to "prospect" forever? We teach you how to cultivate a long term community of followers that lead you to Residual annual sales  
Grow With Us

Join our growing team

Our Ideal Agent - First and foremost, our ideal agent has a humble heart and spirit — a team player who thrives being around others and their energy, yet has their own ego in check enough to co-exist with other top producing individuals. Someone who has a deep desire to win and win big and understand the best way to win is to surround yourself with winners. Our ideal agent is a person with high ethics and integrity who doesn’t focus on their commission, but realizes that the secret to success in sales is to help as many people as possible achieve what they want, and as a result compensation will never be an issue.
Strong Leadership
We have lead coaches throughout Southern California ready to help you in your journey.
Comprehensive Training
Daily Skillset and Mindset Training
Interactive Community
A community built on growth and success.
Actively Investing in Agents
Available software CRM tools!
Meet the crew

Staff and Lead Coaches

Meet our amazing team and staff!
Danny Morel
Founder + CEO
Jason Crawford
COO + Corona Lead Coach
Adriana Nunez
Anthony Morel
CPO + Rancho Cucamonga Lead Coach
Arlene Aguilar
HR Admin
Kristin Weight
In-House Counsel
Jason Lucero
Downey Lead Coach
Oscar Mendoza
Downey Lead Coach
Jose Zavalza
Palmdale Lead Coach
Ed Rodriguez
Foothill Lead Coach
John Kang
Northridge Lead Coach
Omar Alfaro
High Desert Lead Coach

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We’re on the hunt for ambitious agents that disrupt industries.